"[Christina] is organized, trustworthy, reliable and computer literate, flexible [...] She has an excellent rapport with people and thus provided effective liaison with the many constituents served by our office, such as students, teachers, clients, translators, interpreters and other professional organizations."

—Anneliese Krabina-Lindner, General Manager, Brainstorm Sprachdienstleistungen GmbH



Christina Pfister is a native speaker of both German and English. Born to American parents in Vienna, Austria, she has nursed a life-long fascination with language, culture, religion/faith, and the arts. She completed Gymnasium (Austrian high school equivalent) with a language concentration, which included studies in Latin, French, Russian, German, and English. She holds a BA in German (minor in linguistics) from Calvin College and an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has a passion for conveying meaning across difference and genuinely enjoys the meticulous, creative, and rigorous task of literary translation. 

Christina has a particular interest in the fields of sociology, anthropology, theology, spirituality, missiology, pedagogy, and music. She has translated/edited/proofread/conducted research for publishing houses, academic institutes, non-profit organizations, and private clients since 2009 and is the proud owner of Well Versed, LLC.

Photo Credit: Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography

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