Rachel Jacobson

Acquisitions Editor, Baker Books

Thank you for your thoughtful, thorough and insightful work. I really appreciate everything you pinpointed to help [author] hone his voice and consistently address his audience. [...] I appreciate your work on this project and I hope that we can work together on more projects in the future!

Chris Beetham

Senior Editor, Zondervan Academic

You did a great job for us, thank you. I'm really pleased with your work. [...] Thank you for flagging all the Greek meticulously, that was helpful for me to quickly spot them and code them. And you did a great job, of course, finding German errors. I look forward to working with you again and will recommend you to our administrative assistance for further work.

Pia Hugo


YOU ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! You have made my book 1000x better and I can't wait for you to see the finished product! Thanks again!

Charles James


Thanks, Christina, for all your hard work. The depth of analysis you've done is remarkable—clear and professional. I'm very happy that you are my editor!

Prof. Dr. Marie Gitschthaler

KPH Wien/Krems

Ich schätze und genieße die Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Christina Pfister sehr. Frau Pfister arbeitet höchst professionell, was sich in einer großen Sorgfalt in der Textverarbeitung, die ich in dieser Art und Weise noch nicht erlebt habe, zeigt. Darüber hinaus gibt Frau Pfister viele hilfreiche Anregungen und Denkanstöße, die zur Verbesserung des Textes beitragen und wiederum zeigen, wie intensiv sie sich mit dem Text auseinandersetzt. Besonders positiv finde ich, dass Frau Pfister am Ende Ihrer Arbeit eine Übersicht erstellt mit den am häufigsten korrigierten Formulierungen bzw. Redewendungen, die man sich so im Laufe der Jahre falsch angelernt hat, was wirklich zu einer Entwicklung der eigenen Sprachkompetenz beiträgt. Ich kann Frau Pfister als Lektorin nur wärmstens empfehlen. Diese Art der Arbeit kann kein Übersetzungsprogramm der Welt ersetzen!

William Etter


You have been spot-on. [...] May I state unequivocally that you have been worth what you have earned.

Stephanie Varghese

Gospel for Asia

Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work. Your notes are incredibly clear and helpful. I definitely would love to work with you again and I will reach out once we have another book ready for edits.

Lisa Parnell

Managing Editor, The Readable Bible Project

Great job, Christina, especially finding problems within tiny type, such as footnotes!

Kathleen Kerr

Acquisitions Editor, Harvest House Publishers

This is exactly what I was hoping for. [...] I'll send this along to the author to work on, and I'll pass on the grammatical/style notes to the copyeditor as well. And in the meantime, I'll ask our contracts folk to process your payment ASAP. And then I'm going to find another manuscript to work on together, because I love the way you read.

Anneliese Krabina-Lindner

General Manager, Brainstorm Sprachdienstleistungen GmbH

[Christina] is organized, trustworthy, reliable and computer literate, flexible [...] She has an excellent rapport with people and thus provided effective liaison with the many constituents served by our office, such as students, teachers, clients, translators, interpreters and other professional organizations.

David Robinson

Pastor and Author

Christina is an excellent editor, presenting her copyediting work with intelligence and professional clarity, offering detailed grammar/syntax guidance within the manuscript and overall recommendations for improving the manuscript for purposes of voice, audience, and market.

Jennifer Rosner, PhD

after completing the translation of various passages by Karl Barth

Wow, that was fast!

Michael Wright, MA

Editor, FULLER Studio

Christina is a precise, dependable, and kind editor—all qualities that would make any writer relieved.

James Allen

Graduate Student (MA in theology)

Christina was very helpful and I know my paper has greatly improved as a direct result of her comments and suggestions. I hope she will edit my future papers and I am thankful for her expertise and assistance.